About us

German Lightning products have proven their reliability and quality for 10 years with an attractive price-performance ratio in a variety of projects in Europe and the Middle East. The management team of the company has profound knowledge and long term experience, precision, innovation expertise, comprehensive competence in management, electronics and metalworking, required to manufacture LED Lamps & Lights.

The areas of the product range have been developed strategically for commercial, industrial and domestic use and are suitable for almost any application.
Beside the series production, German Lightning develop Custom Made Solutions, tailored to the specific requirements of a project and in close cooperation with the participating architects, lighting designers and builders, for interior or exterior lighting requirements.

Another sales focus will be existing and new developments of commercial, industrial, public & residential buildings, retail & wholesale, government & municipalities and sophisticated lighting for technical purposes.

The company’s goal is the vertical and horizontal expansion in the market of LED Lamps & Lights and its long-term positioning with a significant market share in the domestic and international target segments.

We offer high quality, tailor-made lighting technology as well as standard products for an economical and holistic problem solving for the private (B2C) and industrial & commercial (B2B) sector, with a staff and market expertise of more than 10 years.

Quality and sustainability, design and modularity at top prices are at the focus, for both the B2B and B2C segments, of the product & service portfolio.

To manufacture sustainable LED lighting is easier said than done!

Although LED chips generate considerably less heat, yet they are very sensitive to heat while operating, which is dependent on the selected operating voltage and ambient temperature.

The quality of LED lamp or luminaires is characterized, that at first the LED modules are operated at only 50-75% of the permissible operating voltage and secondly the heat sink is sufficiently sized, that even at high ambient temperature, such as in the Middle East, it is efficiently dissipated.

All German Lightning manufacturing is designed based on these principles, thus ensuring sustainable and durable products, which allows us, depending on the target segment, to provide a guarantee of up to 5 years or more.


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